Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun

With the grandparents in town, Evelyn and I escaped for a week of
fun in Cuba.

I got to ride these a few times but it ended after a pedal fell off
5 km or so from the resort, that`s a long way to Fred Flintstone,

The weather was great and the snorkeling was spectacular, like
swimming in a fish tank. I managed to swim enough to not put
on any more weight at an all inclusive, let me tell you that takes
a lot of swimming, at one point I could see Key West.

The area we were in was hit very hard by hurricane Ike in September,
the number of destroyed homes is amazing. Sad but the locals seemed
pretty pragmatic about it all.

I gotta start riding again soon though.



The Vegan Vagabond said...

that is some pic of you and least I hope its Evelyn! Hard to tell in that position ;)

Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Anonymous said...

I heard Cuba was alright for cycling.

Want some good riding, but sometimes horrible traffic.
Damn shame the Carribean is infested with traffic. Would be a cyclists paradise with hot hot weather too boot.

Dominica island - sweet sweet island. Huge climbs!
Tortola island - sweet islands. Amazing views. Huge climbs!
St Lucia - Friggen hilly! Crazy drivers though.
Grenada island - truely amazing. Nice loops!

If more people start biking the islands, I think the islands would change to accomodate cyclists. Now, they kind of accomodate the good old automobile.

I think you can take a ferry from island to island.

Plans for next feb - to do all of the islands in one month. Jump on a ferry. Stay in cheap dives over night... Eat well. Sleep well. Bike a lot.

Len said...

Hey, how well do those bikes shift?

I see cassettes but no derailleurs or shifters!?!

King said...

There all single speed, some have the front brake on the left others on the right. I ran into Mike of Joe Momma fame there and he had just finished shredding a freehub on one of them. The seats could only be all the way down, I had a pedal fall off. I should have taken my old beater down there.