Friday, February 5, 2010

Spring skiing in early February.

Hey, old man Winter.  what gives?  Parc ski conditions are listed as "arduous" in places with less than 5cm of snow cover.

Hey Winter.  Get back to work!!  We need snow, and we need it in a bleedin' hurry!  It looks waay too much like spring out there and as beautiful as that is, it's friggin February!  get with the program and gimme minus 27 nights (before wind chill) cause that polar wax isn't gonna use itself ya know?

Hey old man, I've included a couple shots from today to show you how Mr Spring is creepin in on your turf.

pretty isn't it.   ..But about 5-6 weeks early.

nothin says spring quite like clear running water under a delicate shelf of snow.
again.  waaaay early for this shit.

and again. Not nearly enough snow.

So, Old man Winter.  Get your game on sir!  ..and if you'd be so kind as to provide a mailing address so I can send you a bill for p-texing my ski bases, that'd be great. thanks.

It's awesome beautiful, up there, but we need to do a snow dance or throw a virgin into a volcano or something lest we end up starting the spring "dead zone" (when it sucks for skiing and sucks mostly for cycling)  several weeks too early.
Maybe thats what this guy/girl had in mind..

Crop circles for snow?  hmm, seems a bit daft but desperate times call for re-evaluating ridiculous ideas.