Sunday, August 30, 2009

24 hrs of Hot August Nights - Summary version

Very low attendance this year compared to other years. Not many teams from Ottawa that I knew. BRR mixed consisted of Mark M, Tanya, Papa G, Leslie Greene and Mark Pearson (subbing for Zamboni)

Rain started literally at the same time as the start of the race. Things got really slick by 1pm. It rained on and off until about 9pm. Chico and crew did a great job keeping course in reasonable shape.

BRR ran in 2nd place throughout and we were very close behind first. Things went fairly smoothly for us for the most part except for Mark P has an mishap during a night lap although he was able to finish his lap.

In the morning, we shuffled our order in an attempt to catch first. It was a great effort but we were not able to surmount the lead they had on us. We finished comfortably in second.

Overall, it was a fun race. Had it not been for the rain, it would have been fantastic. In my opinion, it was one of the best race course Chico ever laid out.

Manyt thanks to Melissa, Shay and Madison who fed us like and kept our camp organized for the weekend.

Here are some pics:

Mark on lap #1...

Post lap #1

Mark P. had a very wet and slick first lap...

The Vegan Vagabon put in some fast laps and always had a smile on her face

Mark P, Leslie, Tanya, Mark M, Papa G sporting some hardware

The Vagabond celebrating by stuffing her face with a huge vegan burger! mmmm!