Sunday, March 29, 2009

Playing hooky

On Friday, I convinced Lenny to skip out of work early to go for a ride. It was too beautiful out to be stuck in a cubicle in front of a computer. Didn't take much convincing for Lenny to go along with my plan.

Lenny and I coordinated our rendez-vous perfectly; we arrived at our meeting point at the Nepean Sailing club at the same time. Lenny mistakenly thought we were going cross country skiing because he was dressed in about nine layers and, all in black to boot!! Needless to say he was feeling a little warm!

"You think I am over-dressed??!"

We didn't have a route planned out, so we headed off south-west and hit some of the quieter country roads. It was a bit windy but nothing as bad as last Saturday and the wind was not freezing. We saw a few roadies who refused to acknowledge our existence - one in a Cyclery Kit and another in a Rock Racing kit (both lifted their noses as we waved at them...). We came across a couple other "non-kitted" riders who actually waved at us first - must have been mountain-bikers on road bikes!

For the most part, we enjoyed some fairly quiet country roads except near mid-point when we had to duck and dive through Kanata.

Still some snow left in the country-side

I like riding with Lenny for a few reasons, we don't try to tear each other's legs off and Lenny always brings along lots of his home-made engergy bars and they are delicious!

Handing out Lenny-bars...

...and they were tasty!

We ending up riding just over 60 kms - certainly beats being chained to a desk!


the original big ring said...

. . . . but ripping the legs off each other is so much fun!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I like hooky too.
Call me next time!!

paul said...

Can anyone tell me when the Gatineau Parkway should open this year. I am coming up from Quebec for meetings (April 20-23) and was wondering if I should bring my bike?

Papa G said...

If you are talking about road biking. We can hit the roads as soon as all the snow is melted on the Parkways. With the rain we've been getting and more to come, I am thinking we'll be up there Easter weekend. MTB trails open on May 15.