Monday, April 13, 2009

Superhero comes to the rescue!!!

Saturday was shaping up like it was going to be a nice day for a change! Check out the bright sunlight! It was cold and damp all week so this was a very nice change! Notice the superhero in this shot, he wears that jersey for a reson!

There was a fairly strong breeze but we had a good sized group to share the workload. Mike J (of Joe Mamma fame) joined us today for the ride. He's riding solo at SS this year so he's putting on the miles. Today would be a good ride for him as he was planning around 120km door to door, I was looking at a little over 100.

We took the bike path along the river to get to Gilles' place. This is where we met up with the rest of the group. Check out the kit on these pretenders! From left to right are Mike, Me, Gilles, Spidey and Tanya... Guess what, we all wave at roadies in their full kit!!!

We started out heading South. This was great because there was a North wind so this meant it was fast and warm while we were heading in this direction. We were taking turns pulling as we headed out but it really didn't matter because there was no real draft effect due to the strong tailwind. Everything was going well and then all of a sudden CHAOS! There was some last second pointing and jockeying and by the time I noticed anything I was riding through this!

FRACK!!! I didn't see it until it was too late, I was in it! I have no idea how I got that close to the edge of the road but no big deal... pick up the water bottles and go right? NOT! As I rode back to get my water bottles I heard a what I thought was a broken spoke. Hmm, must have hit pretty hard. As it turned out only one of my bottles survived, the other one was torn apart. Oh well, who needs fluids anyway!?! As I took a closer look I realize that my tire is rubbing on the frame. I made sure the wheel was seated properly etc. but no luck... my ride was over.

I tried calling my wife for a ride but no answer at all 3 numbers. Oh-oh, now what? After a couple more phone calls Spidey's wife and the next generation of super-hero are on their way. All I have to do is wait for a while and snag a ride home - SWEET! I had ridden 45km from home and was probably about 30km if I walked, not good!

Here's a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Anita and Finn for taking good care of me! They saved me from 30km of walking with crocodile tears in my eyes! Oh woes me!!!! For the rest of you mortals who have never seen a real life superhero before this is what they look like when they are wearing their human disguise so cute!

And as for the bike, well my hoop is hooped! It's hard to see but there is a nasty flat spot right by the 'C' in RACE. Turns out the spokes are all fine, one is just a little longer then it needs to be now.

In honor of the greatest superhero of them all, here are some lyrics for you!

Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies.
Look out! Here comes the Spiderman.

Is he strong? Listen bud—
He's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead.
Hey there! There goes the Spiderman.

In the chill of the night,
At the scene of the crime,
Like a streak of light,
He arrives just in time!

Spiderman, Spiderman,
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
Wealth and fame, he's ignored—
Action is his reward.
To him,
Life is a great big bang-up—
Wherever there's a hang-up,
You'll find the Spiderman!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

RIP Lenny's wheel.

Anita and Finn are the best!

the original big ring said...

sorry about your wheel - let me know if you need one to borrow in the meantime

Learn to centre your photos!

Habs are going to lose to the Bruins in six.

Peter M said...

To be fair, Finn only agreed to go rescue you because he thought Tanya was going to be there. He thinks she's dreamy. When I got home casually mentioned something about "wanting to shiv Lenny."

Papa G said...

I think you got the better deal riding home in a car! The head wind coming back was deadly!!

I got a set of Dura Ace wheels collecting dust should you need something in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

leave the expensive wheels for race day. Use crap otherwise. Our roads are crap.
Ride expensive stuff on them expect getting the crap pulled outta yah.