Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tomorrow this slacker is off to do his second race of the year. Now while two races doesn't sound like much keep in mind that after this one I'll have raced a bit more than 600km this season so I'm o.k. with the low overall count. Know also that for preparation I've done pretty much bugger all. yep, I'm following a different model for preperation this time around.

more in keeping with this;

The way I see it today is that the fitness is what it is and it's run-wat-ya-brung time for me at HAN. yessir, taking a page from this guys book of preparation. Just some tasty waves and a cool buzz is all I'm after. Note: You'll have to sub flowy singletrack for the tasty waves bit unless it rains like hell.

I'm hoping that all you kids out there in TV land are diggin what I'm feelin here. DO know who Spicoli is don't you? Fucking hope so. Only one of the most important representatives and role models for the MTV generation. (from whence I hail) Hell ya!
now can I get a 'goddamn' over here??

And I'm *not* talking about yer Sean Penn going over to Iraq to order pizza either.

So, I'm doin HAN Spicoli style and my man Zamboni is on board too. I'll be having Gnarly good times dude.
..though if *I'm* here and *you're* here, doesn't that make it *our* time?


fritZman said...
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the original big ring said...

get'er done boys - good luck at HAN, though by the time you've gotten this it'll be over

hugs & kisses