Wednesday, August 20, 2008



After 21 switchbacks I made it to the finish line at the top of Alpe d'Huez Saturday afternoon. I foolishly did a 64 km killer climb ride prior to my ascent of d'Huez (more on that later) . . . . I was rewarded with an amazing ride though. Pictures to follow once I'm home.

I'm typing this tonight from a small 13th century village called Castellane, France at the edge of Provence (picture below)

Au revoir mon ami !


Papa G said...

Bravo Gros Plateau (Big Ring)!

This is one ride I'd like to do before I get too old! I'm envious!!


Kark said...

Ditto on wanting to do this climb.

good work big man!
Looking forward to the pictures

Peter M said...

Awesome! What was your time? I was a couple of hours away during my stay in May and was chomping at the bit to go give it a try. Next time. Best place in the world to road ride!