Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Ringers Rock the 24hrs of Hot August Nights!

News Flash!!

All three Big Ring Racing teams made it to the podium at the 24 hrs of Hot August Nights:

A determined Vegan Vagabond (Tanya Hanham) grinded her way to first place (17 laps) in the women solo category. Tanya also tied the BRR record for number of laps for a soloist set by Golonghardman.

Tag team - Tobin Decou (Coco) and Rick Clancy (Golonghardman) took first (24 laps) in Men's Tag Team category. This was a real gutsy performance on the part of the duo - Tobin suffered a broken frame (down tube) and had to run back to camp.

Big Ring Mixed claimed 2nd place (25 laps) finish in a very closely contested category - 2nd, 3rd and 4th were running neck and neck for the majority of the race. This also a BRR record for number of laps by a mixed team. Team was comprised of Zamboni, Papa G, Kark, Kari (T-bone) and guest rider Leslie Green (Chain Reaction Cycles).

More pics and stories to come...


the original big ring said...


Sorry I missed it and seeing you all do so well. Good job!!

fritZman said...

Wow, that's some serious medal hauling you guys pulled off!

Congrats to all.

Can't wait to see some pics.