Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks Big Ringers and Friends

Hey just want to thank all you Big Ringers and friends of Big Ringers who helped me this weekend. Even though it was a repeat of last year's excellent support, it still blew me away. I feel so lucky to belong to such a great community.

Here's how my pit stops typically went...I would roll in. Someone would say - there's Tanya! Then anywhere between 4-10 people would come running over and offer their assistance. They were like a professional Indy race pit crew. Someone would be filling my bento with cups while someone else was holding my bike, and yet another person would be grabbing food in case I needed it. It was overwhelming in a good way.

One extra special occasion was right away in the race. Even though my bike was working flawlessly on Wednesday night, during my first couple of laps I was having trouble shifting. So I borrowed a bike and while I did two more laps, the boys worked tirelessly on my bike for two hours! Apparently it was being troublesome and they had to run back and forth to the Shimano tent. I was so touched by their efforts.

Special thanks....

Shaylagh. She was unbelievable. She filled my paper cup buffet & my camelbak, kept track of when I'd be coming in to pit, grabbed anything I needed and greeted me at the finish line and took my bike for me. Shay, it wouldn't have been the same without you! You're the best.

Melissa. I had to thank Melissa for just being the person she is. Its obvious that taking care of people is something she does naturally and really well. She gave me delicious pasta, broth and oatmeal just when I needed it and lots of mental support. She was especially encouraging at the end when I was so tired and didn't know if I could keep going.

Kari. Kari gave me awesome encouragement throughout the race. She also packed up the car and drove me home even though she had just raced her own race. Thanks Kar!

Hannah and Stef. Hannah and Stef were around much of the time offering their assistance and company which was much appreciated.

Mark, Lenny, Joey, Gilles and Scott and whoever else helped fix my bike. These guys are the best. I would have had a terrible race if they didn't come to my rescue. This was the sound of my gears shifting before they fixed my bike: "Ka-chunk Ka-chunk Ka-chunk...!" And after: "click". What a relief!

Lenny again. Greeting me at the finish line might not seem like a big deal but it was really great to have that support actually.

Tobin. For making me laugh many times throughout the race and for riding with me for a bit, making me faster when I needed it.

Congrats to Rick and Tobin. Holy crap you guys did awesome! And the Big Ringer mixed team - you guys rocked the course as usual. What a team!!

Congrats to the other Ottawa teams that did well too. Rodd's team, the Phat Bottom Girls, Ray and Tanya...all on the podium. Ottawa did amazing at the race this year with 7 podiums. Unbelievable.


Shorty said...

Congrats to all the big ringers at the race - you did your team and ottawa proud!

It was great being around you guys and gals (as always)...and we made some new friends from the Caledon Cycling Club - they were great!

Pascal M. said...

Nice work Tanya. I missed it this year due to new baby madness. Rodd sent me this shot of you and our good friend (and teammate) Candace. This guys took some amazing photos of the race:


Peter M said...

I also missed it due to new baby madness, but am mightily impressed by these performances. Well done all of you!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I remember Candace because she was all decked out in a NS flag kit...that's where I'm from so it caught my attention. Thanks for the picture link, Pascal. It was taken in the wee morning hours just before my legs were super fried...

Peter M said...

You're from Nova Scotia too? So am I. Whereaboots?