Monday, June 23, 2008

Solstice Weekend

I’ll let our Captain Gilles give a full team recap.

Having never ridden Albion Hill or in the Summer Solstice event before, here are some personal observations:

  • The course was probably the best race layout I’ve ever ridden. Every lap had a perfect combination of singletrack, double track, and climbs. If you had only one of fitness or skill, this course was setup that you could still run competitive laps.
  • The singletrack on the course was so much fun. It was relatively easy, yet had an amazingly high ratio of risk/reward. If you let the bike roll and trusted a couple of tight blind corners you could save lots of time, but at the same time some of it’s many subtle roots could knock you down in an instant.
  • Gilles & Stef have the whole 24hr racing thing organized to perfection. The camp, its location, and the logistics were perfect. Transitions were seamless and each rider was scheduled to ride to their strengths. In a race where thousands of things can go wrong, these guys made it look EASY. For my ‘plug & play’ role this weekend, it made for a super positive experience. Thanks guys!
  • Five rider team offers the perfect ride/rest ratio for me. My five hours of riding more than made up for the time/cost investment to get there, but still offered enough time to relax and socialize. The 24hrs just flew by!
  • The Pirate plank was hilarious
  • I’ve never seen a full suspended recumbent on singletrack before.
  • Red Bull is stellar at delaying the onset of cramps.
  • Our one female teammate Anna should become a night light model. I’ve never seen a rider wearing clunky night lights look so good. :-O
  • Our Big Ring jerseys really stood out amongst an ocean of colorful racing jerseys. There was a lot of positive feedback from other riders.
  • Team Big Ring is based out of Ottawa, but ironically I had the pleasure of meeting many of my team mates (John, Tobin, and Rick) for the first time in Toronto.


Hannah said...

Congrats to all the big ring racers at solstice - they had a tough go through the mud and rain...

it was cool seeing "the other side" in the timing tent - while everyone was stressed about finding their chip and team mates, us "timing tent ladies" were sometimes bored waiting for you guys to come in! hahaha

the original big ring said...

Wicked guys! Sounds like you had FUN (just in case someone else doesn't mention it . . . achemmm *Lenny*). Very impressive indeed. Congrats to Tobin and Rick too. Can't wait to hear King's story.

You guys have made me proud!

LennyG said...

Awesome job team, almost makes me want to train! Congrats to all BRRs at the event, great job!! And kudos to those doing support because you're a big part of it too!

P.S. Results are up on the Chico site.

Kark said...

Woot! another 2nd place finish for these veterans.
I just looked at the numbers (lap times) on the chico site, and the consistency was awesome.
Lap no. 1 came in in wicked good time and I know that set up rider no. 2 for some clear sailing and good position.
Good job guys!!

fritZman said...

Lap #1 would have been a good minute faster had my chain not popped off... TWICE. :-(
Your instructions for the start loop were very helpful BTW. I stayed on the grass for probably a good km at the start.