Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Luck Solstice Racers

I meant to get this up Thursday or Friday . . . . better late than never. Just wanted to wish everyone racing at Solstice this weekend a good race and to have a blast. I heard that the course is ubber fast, a wee bit technical (more so than past 24 hr's) and not so much climbing. Perfect for Tobin and Rick who are soloing. Gilles, Stef and Fritz - and your mixed team - you'd better be bringing home some podium bling this year!

I just checked the weather for the past few hours down Bolton way and it looks like you guys got a little rain? That will make things interesting on the roots. It'll be good to keep all the dust down too.

Looking forward to hearing a race report early this week!

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King said...

I could have used the luck, a couple of bad breaks and my weekend went off the rails. It's frustrating now but I checked out mentally and lost it. More later.