Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Try not to smell delicious

Last night many Big Ringers were out for the first Limerick race. JK, Big Ring, Fritz, lil' Ringer and I all made the long trek to South Ottawa to join the Endo crew in their weekly race series.

It was my first time at Limerick so Craig and I went early to pre-ride the course. My pre-ride was crap. I felt slow and awkward and the course felt bumpy. I know. Its mountain biking. Its supposed to be bumpy. But it felt bumpy in a not so fun way.

Big Ring was sick. He wasn't feeling so up to the task of racing but he persevered anyway. That's why he's our fearless leader...invincible!

JK showed up just before the race and was unable to get in a pre-ride. It was also his first time at Limerick.

Fritz and Lil Ringer had a plan to ride the course together. That Riley is such a super star. What a rider!!

After a late start, finally someone casually said go, so we all took off. I tried to stay at the front with BR and JK but of course I couldn't keep up. But I kept a good pace and suddenly I realized I was having fun! At race-pace this stuff is a blast! The course was flat and not very technical and once I got my rhythm, I found myself flying over the roots and railing around the berm-y corners. I also managed to find all the lines I kept missing in the pre-ride.

Four laps of the 4km course were super fun. I spent the entire race trying to keep the two guys behind me to stay behind me. One of them passed me on the 4th lap when I messed up that stupid sandy hill that I screwed up each and every time. I caught him later but I was cursing that hill (or my lack of skill on that hill) when I had to wait for a passing opportunity in the single track for half a lap.

So the race ended with JK taking the win! Not bad considering it was his first go at the course. Big Ring was right behind him...and I trudged in a few places back, I think 6th or something.

We waited a minute or two in the woods to cheer on Riley and Fritz after we finished. The bugs were insane. Absolutely mental. So the strategy while we were waiting for them, and of the whole night really, was the post title. Delicious to bug that is. I knew we were in trouble when we drove up and dude was wearing a bug hat... Just thought I'd clarify that no bugs were destroyed by me despite the fact that they were persistently "asking for it". I maintained much better composure than I did last year in Northern Ontario.

Hope to see more Big Ringers out for next week's race!


the original big ring said...

T'was a lot of fun, despite not feeling the best. Who knew that phlem and black flies could make you cough so much!?

King'er is quite the sandbagger by the way! ; )

Big Ringers, get your race on next week - same time, same place!

LennyG said...

Thank God I wasn't trying to keep up with him at spinning this winter!!!

King is KING!!!

Golonghardman said...

Sounds fun, i'll make an effort to get there, generally not easy to get away from work that early, but after the first one, it may get easier.

Peter M said...

Good show kids. I'll make an effort to get out next week!