Monday, May 5, 2008

Nearly Normal Nipple

I think that we all knew that the nipple was indeed Tanya's and the poll accurately reflects this. We can only presume this to be true because she did not, in fact, allow herself to be photo'd while on the road trip. Guess what they say isn't true: "What happens on a road trip, stays on a road trip."

HOWEVER, since the alleged photo never happened, and honestly I can't understand why not because we are all teammates and God knows she's seen all of our sweaty, hairy nipples enough times, and we hide no secrets on this team . . . . you'd think she's at least pull out a boob from time to time for us! Alas, we can have some fun with someone's nipple - cause aren't that what they're for!?!

Will the true owner of the nipple step forward please?

Certainly not me! I'm a "never nude" and always keep mine covered up.

Not this guy either - though I've never seen him without a shirt off?!? Hmmm. . . . can't wait for that though! Grrrooooooow!

There's a little something on his chest . . . but I think it's a third, blue nipple.

Well, that's easy - wrong colour!

And there you have it. The owner of the illustrious nipple - our southern friend, The Goat.

The dead-give-away in the photo was the American hair - all red, white and blue. Actually, it was the tidbit of exposed Led Zeppelin 'angel' tattoo that gave it away. If you had a chance to stroke and rub The Goat's hairy chest after a hot, sweaty ride (and really, why wouldn't you?) you'd know it was there - grrrrroooooow!

Tanya's always a good sport and took one on the boob . . . . 'er, I mean chin, . . . . for the team's morose sense of humor - cheers Tanya!


Peter M said...

You know, I originally told Tanya that if she won this competition that no man would ever look down at her chest again when talking with her. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to look at her face again with that last photo seared in my brain. I think I'll just stair at her wrist or something. Good grief.

Kark said...

that last photoshop jobby is the awefullest awefullness in awefulville.

eww. ..I think I have to go change my brain now.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I already made a joke to someone that this nipple competition is not going to help with my spinster status and I think you just sealed the deal, BR. Awesome.

I might as well just get a bunch of cats now...


Hmmm.... said...

That is probably one of the scariest posts I have ever read of yours. Very entertaining tho.

The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

Yes, I am a hairy freak of a dude. One day, I'll get lazered. So you think that hmmm chick was saying my nipple was scary. Truly, at 1st I couldn't figure out what was on Tonya's face. I was thinking it was one of the little alien symbiote's from the movie "Alien".