Sunday, May 4, 2008

McGyver MacNab!

Took the Isaac out for its maiden voyage on Saturday. Joining me were Melissa, the Vegan Vagabond and Mark/Kark/Curvy bum. We went to the Gats for a quick Saturday morning loop.

Needless to say I was very excited about this ride. I had spent Friday evening setting the Isaac up and was looking forward to hitting the Gats. I didn't think I'd notice a big difference between the Isaac and my old Giant but I was wrong! As we crossed the Champlain Bridge, I noticed a big difference as I hit the expansion joints on the bridge, the frame soaked it all up compared to the little rattle I felt on the Giant. I was impressed with how the carbon absorbed all the vibrations.
However; there was one thing that I noticed that was not ok. It felt like my seat had slid backwards. As Melissa and I met up with Kark and the Vegan, I checked the seat and indeed it had slid back. I tightened it, and off we went. Again, I felt it slide and it did. It was a brand new seat, so I was thinking maybe something else was wrong. We had to make a pit stop at Gamelin, so I decided I would take a second look at the seat at that point.

At Gamelin, Mark and I took a look at the seat and the seat post and he noticed that the retaining bolt was bottoming out. The bolt needed an extra washer in order for it to tighten the seat properly. We scoured the parking lot and asked people but we couldn't find a washer. So, Mark suggested a bottle cap! As I kept looking for a washer, Mark rode away looking for bottle caps. He came back a minute later with two. I chose the Labatt Blue beer cap and he used the multi-tool to put a hole in it. Pictured below is the result!

My MyGyver or MacNabber seat post!
The bottle cap worked perfectly! The seat didn't budge and we headed off for a loop! I have since replace it with a washer.

Mark and Melissa coming up Black's, it was only Melissa's
second ride of the year and she rode like a rock star!

Not sure how he fit his butt between those two signs but Mark
seems pretty pleased with himself. The Vagabond seems to be stuck!

At the Lookout, better look at the Isaac than my last post!

The remainder of the ride went off without a hitch. I was very pleased with the handling of the bike and the way it felt. It tracked very well down hill and climbed like a goat. I really like the 10 speed drive train; it gave me a lot of options on the uphill.


Anonymous said...

Keep the bottle cap spacer!

King said...

I can't believe you replaced it.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

where is the nudity??

For the record, the space I was squished in was smaller than Curvy Butt's space. Just sayin'.