Sunday, May 4, 2008

CoCo/Golonghardman Excellent Adventures

The Chelsea to Peterborough/Midland epic season kickoff ride was a smashing success , no phone calls for us, great tailwind lots of the time.
We both made our destinations safely and are already planning the next big ride.
My stats-
- Chelsea to Midland 442kms, 16hrs15min in the saddle, 20 hrs on the road.
- max speed 83kms, with a seatpost pannier, cause for a little concern....
Detailed blog to follow.
Tobins in Arizona for a week, so we may not hear from him until he's back.
Thanks CoCo!
Happy Christening baby Noah!
Arse is a little sore.


1 comment:

the original big ring said...

Whoot! One ride and you've already put on more miles than most this season. Glad to hear it went smoothly! Now get yer arse over to my place and fix my porch!! ; )