Sunday, December 9, 2007

Winter fun in the Fall

Technically winter does not begin until Dec. 21 but it's been a winter wonderland out here in the great white north. On Saturday, I went out for my first XC ski. I bought some classic skis at the end of the season last year. I thought classic skiing would be a good way to ease into the season, as skate always hurts the first time out.

Before heading out Saturday afternoon, I went over to John's (aka Dr. Kim) to wax my skis. He is the master, the Guru when it comes to waxing.

Prepping my skis under Dr. Kim's direction

Ready to go!

We headed up to the Gats for an afternoon ski and met Stef and Hannah at P9. It was a gorgeous day with temps hovering around -2 celsius.

Lots of skiers out as we drove past P8

While I have been skate skiing for a couple of years, this was my second time on classics in 25 years! I skied classic once at the end of the season last year and I would have to go back to high school for the time before that. Thankfully, Dr. Kim, who is also an instructor at Chelsea Nordiq, worked on my technique - diagonal stride and double-pole and kick. After tripping over myself for a bit, I started to get the hang of it.

We skied from P9 to the intersection of Penguin and the Gatineau Parkway.

me, Hannan, Stef, Dr. Kim at Penguin/Gat Pkwy

Dr. Kim and Hannah as seen by bug-eyed Manzoni

Dr. Kim had lightning bolts coming out his butt! Not suprising,
if you have
ever seen him climb up any hill in the Gats! The dude is fast!

It was a fantastic day for skiing. I was right about classic skiing, while I am sore today (Sunday), it is a lot easier to stay in Zone 1 and 2 on classic skis compared to skate skiing when I am always coughing up a lung. Can't wait until my next outing - couple more time on classics before I take out the skate skis.


the original big ring said...

looks like time for a team ski!

Peter M said...

Those shorts, if they were red, look like they have a Spiderman thing going on. Cool. Stef's glasses rock.


the original big ring said...

those glasses would be perfect for you Spidey ski costume Peter!

Tobin said...

Dr Kim
Is it just me or those pants make your ass look fat!!??? :-)