Saturday, December 8, 2007


Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Anyone on their trainer yet??
Good times.


LennyG said...

What do you mean good times... great times! Hard to beat an hour or so with coach Troy for excitement.
I've been on mine 4 or 5x I think. I think it's a great tool for building base and it is as convenient as it gets. I'd much rather be pedaling on some trails somewhere but since that isn't an option I have to do something.

Today was outside, went for our first ski on the new skis. Lots of fun but man do we suck! It was really quiet where we were (Kanata xc ski club trails) but it was a good intro and it's close. We're horrible but we're going back tomorrow because it was good fun and we need lots of practice!

How you feeling?

the original big ring said...

a bit better - skied today
tomorrow skate skiing with peter

you have to get to the gats

LennyG said...

Will the gats make me a better skier? ;) we will make it up there eventually...
I thought I trashed one of my skis yesterday... stupid leaf stuck in the wax. I thought for sure the black coating was gone from one section!! NEWB!

fritZman said...

I've only setup my bike on the spinner but no actual pedaling yet. When it's too cold/windy for me to snowshoe at night I'll use the spinner instead. So far that really hasn't happened yet.

So the good news is that all of my workouts are still outside, the bad news is that I haven't pedaled a thing in almost 3 weeks.