Thursday, November 1, 2007

Greetings team

A big hello to my BRR teammates, I know less than half of you, hopefully the rest of you can make up for the ones I know :-) Seriously, keep an eye on Kark, he as been known to quit and leave it up to Tanya to carry the day. I'm here to make the original big ring's weight problem seem less severe.

Like a few others here, the original big ring has dragged me kicking and screaming into the 21st century and I am posting my first ever blog post.

I'm a bit of a generalist on the mountain bike (only ever been on a road bike once), which can be safely interpreted as not being very good at anything. My riding opportunities appear random as the rely entirely on my better half's shift schedule but I'm looking forward to getting out with the new teammates and seeing people at various events.

Though I don't know Fritz, I appear to be the exact opposite from a bike setup point of view, I set and forget then only worry about stuff when it is clearly broken. I did about 20,000 vertical feet of DH descending at Whistler before I realized the reason something didn't feel right was my rear shock and had been blown for 1.5 days. Also just figured out I'd been riding in SMH with no rebound in my fork for 2 weeks. I can be a bit oblivious.

Thanks Craig for getting this going, lets schedule the meet and greet and drink.


the original big ring said...

Two words:

clydes - dale

I'm approaching that mark each and every day.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Is this the one and only JK? Woohoo! Welcome aboard.

So John you found my other website. Yeah any team members who want some mealtime matters meals... well you won't get a discount cause I don't make any money as it is, however the meals will come with a smile ;)

King said...

Intentionally going clydesdale is a bad idea, it took me a year to recover, though we were pretty fast for the heavies...