Thursday, November 1, 2007

The straw that broke the camel's back

It's too quiet in here still so I thought I'd post some boring stuff about my week of MTBing.

Ever have one of those rides when inferior/inappropriate equipment finally makes you snap?

I had such a ride the other day. Everything started great as I rode dab-free on OutBack towards rib cage. Unfortunately I dabbed so I took a short break to enjoy the day and ride. 100 meters later it turned to hell.

One pinch flat, one expoded tube, one reopened slashed sidewall (damn crazy glue didn't work), and one leaking tire that was impossible to spot when outside of the tire (resulting in a fun new interval involving furious pumping session of about 1 minute followed by a 1 minute sprint then repeat 15-20 times), I finally completed the final couple of kilometers of OB in what must have been close to 1 hour.

I decided to quit being such a cheap bastard (I am part Scottish afterall) and pony up for a proper SMHL/Outback setup. Some $700 Cdn later, I've got some goodies coming that will make a freeriding baggy short dude impressed. Stan's Flow 29er rims, phat 2.35" Panaracer Rampage tires, and Hadley 72 point engagement hubs complete with QR-compatible bolt-on setup. One word comes to mind: BURLY

I know my previous latex post had a nice spiel about their benefits - and I still stand by it for racing needs (which my current wheelset will see), but they simply can't handle SHML with the pressure and speed I want to run. I was able to make it work for the last couple of months but everything changed when I mounted my new 100mm White Brother's fork (and the resulting dramatic increase of speed). Seriously, who needs brakes with 2.2" 29er tires and that thing mounted up front?

Finally, it looks like some folding tires do unofficially work on a 29er Stan's rims and the Rampage is one of them. So what better place than SMHL to test if that's true?


the original big ring said...

those Rampages are supposed to be awesome tires!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

hmmm...looks like someone's going to need to do a gear review soon! all these new parts.

Papa G said...

I checked out your bike this morning oustide your office, nice forks!