Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend in Pictures


I finally got out on the Rideau Canal for a skate this weekend.

It was a sunny and crisp Saturday morning perfect for taking out the long blades.

A few folks were out enjoying an early morning skate

I made some new friends from CEGEP de St-Jean in Quebec

It was great to be out on the long blades. They are very smooth and effortless, even if my technique isn't perfect. The ice was in pristine condition, like a mirror in some spots. The only downside was a wicked head wind that hit here and there when you rounded a corner.


Got a call on Sunday morning from the Dick-tator, Big Ring himself, to go out for a skate ski. Melissa dropped us off at P5 as she headed with the kids for lesson.

Conditions were ideal for a skate ski, unlike last weekend when there was no glide because of the cold. It was also pleasantly mild for a change. Our plan was to do a loop (sort of) and meet Melissa and the kids back at P6 (Mackenzie King Estates).

Big Ring getting ready to climb up Fortune Parkway
(don't know who the dude in the back is- likely a Big Ringer want-t0-be)

The section from P5 to Fortune was nice - good glide which makes all the difference. Having both suffered last week going up Fortune, we planned to make it to the top of the climb with only one stop (I believe I stopped 4 times last week...). We headed up at a nice easy steady pace and before we knew it were more than halfway up. We stopped for a short break and I checked my HR monitor which read 148 bpm (my highest HR ever was going up Fortune last year - 221!!) which was much lower than I anticipated, awesome! We continued on to the top and made it without too much suffering then continued on to Gossip corner for a well earned snack.

Big Ring and I at Black Lake Hill - Wicked ride down, Whoot!

For the rest of the ski, we took our time keeping a nice and easy pace and only stopped at the top of Black Lake hill to get set for the big down hill. The ride down Black's was a blast we rode in the classic tracks and they were fast especially in the sunny sections!

Great day to be out and a great ski overall, my best ski so far this and I think Big Ring will probably say the same about his outing.

The End!

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the original big ring said...

Whoot! Great ski PapaG!!

Dig the photos of you and all the lovely ladies!