Monday, February 2, 2009

Sick and tired of SICK AND TIRED!!!

I don't know about the rest of you but I've had the winter blahs lately. Even though this winter has been flying by with the nice skiing weather and not that much of the really cold stuff, I've still been down in the dumps!

Over the last 3 weeks I caught a cold, got rid of it and then got it back again. This past weekend I was so lazy that I left the house only once and that was just to go and shovel the driveway and take the Beagle for a short stroll. Check out the crazy beagle...

Good thing she is cute or she'd have gone on ebay a long time ago! I must say though that I have appreciated her more lately because of the passing of Jacks. Oh how I digress...

My couch has a huge depression on it from my ass! For those of you who know me you'll be asking how that could be... well OK, it may not be that wide but it's deep because I've spent so much time on it.

So there I was sitting at my desk this morning thinking how lazy I am. I was disappointed that I chose not to drag my lazy arse off the couch yesterday because it would have been a really nice day for a ski. So then I got to thinking about what I could do to get myself moving again and that was when I got a burst of energy and walked over to McDonalds for a coffee and a muffin. OK, so maybe it wasn't that much of a burst but it did inspire me further... the weather was absolutely gorgeous and that's when it hit me, "why not blow off work for the afternoon and head up to the park for a ski". I called up my best pal to see if she was out of bed yet. She gets every Monday off work and usually hides in bed until the teenage monsters have vacated the premises. She was up and thrilled at the prospect of some fresh air and a nice ski in the park. I took this picture of her at the top of Pink Lake:

We skied for 2 hours and it was the perfect fix for a couch potato. The conditions couldn't have been better; I got the wax just right and the downs were super fun and fast with the warmer snow and of course the warm air and bright sunshine was just what the doc ordered!

So now the next challenge will be to keep active; I've been very sporatic this winter. Hopefully I can shake the rest of this cold soon and start getting into good shape. I am always in shape but this shape shouldn't really count! Spring is just around the corner and soon it will be riding season! Yeehaw!!!

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