Friday, November 7, 2008

How to get to work in a good mood.



Anonymous said...

Is that along Carling?

That's friggen craziness if it is...
I use to bike from Billings Ave to Kanata every day back around 2000.
The amount of damn traffic going into Nortel at the time (the high tech boom - what a scandal that was...
check out: )

was just f-n nuts!

I managed to get some great riding in this week up in the gatineaus. What a difference no cars makes!
Just the bike, the forest and some fine animals wondering around.
Then I headed back early today, my god the damn traffic on the queensway as I biked by was just nutty again.
How people can justify sitting in a metal can paying 1 buck and only getting 30 cents out of that 1 buck the remaining 70 cents pissed away while sitting in congestion is beyond me...

Someone should take a video of all the roads. Wait a second, MTO does have video feeds of all the roads. I'm sure they don't give a damn though...

Glad I have my bike to get me through the mess of constipation.

Anonymous said...

nice little sponsorship 'blurp' at the end.

i'm biking everyday to work this year and i am much happier.