Friday, October 31, 2008

The Hardfolk Classic - November 22nd

Beauty scenery.

Get your crayons out, print off this photo and colour some of the leaves yellow, orange and brown. Take an eraser and rub off some of the leaves. Now colour the grass brown. Do all of that and you'll get an idea of the beautiful scenery that you'll see if you go on this ride.

Or . . . . you could just go on this ride.

Lots of info and possible routes over on the Tall Tree Cycles Ride Log.


Rodd Heino said...

that's the 23rd
the sunday
rode 140 km today doing the short loop
roads are in great shape

Matt said...
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Matt said...

Thanks for the post BR, I hope to see many of your crew out.

An additional note, the ride is actually the 'Hardfolk Classic;' I fixed the typo the other day. It began as the 'Hardman Hurtfest' but we decided to scale it back to attract more riders. Hardperoffspring was a little clumsy.

I'll have the post up shortly on the Pre-Classic we did today, which should offer potential attendees an opportunity to suss out what is to come.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Looks like fun! Would be nice if the weather is anything like it will be this week.

That picture is beautiful. I want to go to that place.

Rodd Heino said...

Hi Tanya
You should come!
The weather will a question mark for sure, but i'm up for it no matter what.
you can see the original here:
click on the pic then:
and on the left hand side there is a 'map' link
that will take you to the map where it is.

Pascii said...

Hey, I should at least get credit for the photo shouldn't I?!