Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Ring Racing Invitational Mock Grand Prix Event

You, and anyone you would care to send this to, are invited to the First Annual Big Ring Racing Invitational Mock Grand Prix Event

Who: You.
What: Two laps of the OBC Grand Prix course.
When: Sunday 27 July 2008, 0900. This is the start time, not get to the freakin’ park and mill about time. I regret if the date doesn’t work for you, but the responses I received already had a null-set intersection.
Where: Here is the course: Here
Why: You have OCD and have channeled it thus.

I suggest parking at P8 and warming up for half an hour before we start. I'll be there around 0815. WE WILL START AT P8 AND FINISH NEAR P8, JUST BEFORE CROSSING MEECH LAKE RD (OR IS IT CHELSEA RD?). THIS ELIMATES A "HIGH SPEED" ROAD CROSSING.

Note: The park will be closed to vehicular traffic but there will the usual Sunday volume of riders (some of whom are more than capable of passing most of us). We’ll have to be very careful at the road crossings and intersections. I know that all of you have enough group riding skills to be safe.

Prizes will be awarded for first and last places. They will almost certainly suck.

Note that I have had several people waffling on attendence, concerned that they would be dropped. You can't all be the slowest person now, can you? Better to come last amongst a group of people who will taunt you in a good natured way rather than sneer at you isn't it?

If we can come up with a good post-event event notice will appear in this space.

Hope to see you out there.


Kark said...

Unfortunately it appears very likely that I will have to work through the weekend.
Which is a shame because I am very very good at mocking and so would have stood a very good chance of podium-ing at this mock grand prix.

LennyG said...

Phew, one mocker down a bunch more to go...

Shorty said...

Do we have to bring mock chicken for lunch??


the original big ring said...

Peter's mass public invite via OMBA (thought it was invitational?!?) has stirred interest in the cycling community. Rumor has it, local Ottawa roadie sensation, GregZ will becoming out to show us road hacks how to ride and drop us "like a bakery" . . . and make a mockery of the event. Bring a sharpie for autographs.

By the way Han, I'm bringing mock chicken for lunch. I'm going to ask Greg to sign my sandwich.

Will bring a camera along to try and snap some photos for the blog - can someone else bring one too cause I'll most likely be taking pics from the back of the pack!

Tobin said...

I'm carb loading tonight, having a few beers to get ready!

Oh this should be fun! See ya all there!

Peter M said...

Jebus CoCo! I'm already behind. I'm just having my first beer now.