Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Phat Tony's O-Cup

Our own Phat Tony placed 21st out of 37 riders in the Masters 35-39, Sport Male category at the O-Cup this past weekend at Mansfield Outdoors Center. Well done Tony!

Just one thing . . . no love for Big Ring Racing? Affiliated Team/Club?!?!? What's up with that?!


Peter M said...

Yeah, Phat Tony is looking pretty good for BC with this warm up. He did 4 laps of the course the day before, including one at race pace, even though he knew it would slow him down for the race, just because he was happy to be on his bike again. He finished just ahead of Eric Larson, another local some of us know from the Fortune Series. Eric's a good guy.

On the "affiliated club" them, there is a bit of awkwardness there. OCA (and maybe UCI) "rules" say you're not allowed to list a club that isn't officially registered and I know PT got some flack for putting Big Ring Racing on his form when he applied for his UCI licence. I'm just going to list BRR regardless in future and see what happens.

Kark said...

The trick with UCI is to distract them.
Like 'accidentally' let a syringe or an unlabelled nicoderm patch fall out of your pocket while you're filling out the form and all of a sudden they won't care about what's on paper, they'll just want you to demonstate bladder function in one of they're special little cups.

the original big ring said...

Big Ring Racing don't comply to no one's rules! "Badges!?! We don't need no stink'in badges!"

King said...

Well done Anthony, that's a nice competitive time for a guy training for a completely different type of event.

Peter M said...

Oh, and he did it wearing woman's panties. Strictly a comfort thing.