Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ganaraska Ride

Last weekend inlaw ride. This past Friday I headed up to Millbrook / Port Hope area to pick up the bairn who'd been camped out at the 'Farm' whilst mum was in Oslo and dad ran around trying to get stuff done in the time not taken up by work or training. Weather as you might know here was outstanding last week and the boy had a great time running about in the yard, sucking on rocks and generally learning how to get back up from spontaneous toddler wipe-outs. I arrived lateish on Friday, spent the night and in the morning after Deco's breakfast and some play time I headed out for a short ride.

As background every time we'd visit there over the years I'd always think "damn, these would be nice roads to ride". Typically curvy rolling hills on the north-south routes and huge long vistas and fairly long climbs / descents on the east west lines.

So, I finally got my chance. Saturday was a beautiful day, Declan was in good form having a blast playing and being spoiled by the old pair and I was at peace with the world. yep, you bet. So I headed out onto No.10 south from Millbrook which looks like this,

and then onto Ganaraska No.9 west towards Toronto. No.9 is an awesome road for riding. Huge hills, bigger views and good pavement. I basically just did an out and back but with 40min each way spent on No.9 that means 3 of these bad boys in each direction.

..the photos don't do them justice unfortunately, but they're good long climbs. Almost a perfect interval hill. So the ride was excellent, the scenery was outstanding and much fun was had.

I noticed this place
and considered dropping off a picture of Declan and my resume, but I've already got so much on my plate I figured I'd only make my life that much more unmanageable.

another interesting thing of note is that apparently 'round Ganaraska way it's mandatory to have a lethal dog patrolling your property. Seriously, I grew up in the sticks, and am not in the lease fazed by big bad farm dogs but the brutes up there were monsters. One was a Pitbull or Staffordshire that had to be 60lbs and was wearing a leather vest/harness. The straps on the harness were the size of seatbelts and he made them look frail. I couldn't count the rottweilers and other notables were the numerous Alsatians with thick, heavy legs. Nothing like the typical american/german sheppard thats lean, low, and fast looking, nope. These brutes looked like they just shook off the plow yoke after a hard mornings work and were looking for a little sport. Luckily none of them considered me 'sport'. Probably looked at me and figured rightly "wheres the sport in that? Better eatin' on a chicken wing anyway.." So it was no bother at all though one did pace me through a few fields on the other side of the fence and made 35km/h look easy.

So, that was Saturday, after an awesome Friday there-and-back to Champlain lookout from home, (first of the year!) and before a 4hr LSD ride with the original Big Ring.

Which brings us to now. and the weather. which has turned to total crap. Cold and rain through the weekend. so, some time might be spent here; unless I don rain gear for a spell. ..which I might. Maybe a Friday double loop of the park at 10 degrees with rain gear to see how much fun can be gleaned from suffering.

which kinda sucks and worse, it's tax time.

..and that means for me one thing. Depression and, or volatile mood swings. Every year without fail I suffer anxiety and depression in the face of submitting income taxes and this year is no exception. fact it seems a bit worse than in past so if you see me kicking my lunchpail down the street, head down muttering at my feet or receive a stoic thousand yard stare in response to a common query or pleasantry please afford some patience my way. Rest assured that at some point this unfortunate time will end and life can go back to normal. I for one can't wait

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