Sunday, April 20, 2008


Phat Tony and I went out Saturday and did managed to get in our second "Century" ride of the season, (the first being the Tucson Century back in February). We started out at 0700 and did an hour easy warm-up out Prince of Wales, across Hunt Club to Riverside, to Hog's back, and down Colonel By, 24km in total. We arrived at CycleLogik at 0800 and joined their weekly group ride, same 81km route as I posted two weeks ago. This is a fast-tempo group ride (33km/hr this week) that I'm really enjoying. We then met Tanya and Stef at Cyclelogik at 1030 and headed out towards Manotick. Check out Anthony's new wool Molteni jersey, a la Eddie Merckx which he got for his birthday (which is actually today -- happy fook day assface!).

The ride to Manotick started slowly in the heavy traffic on Wellington street, but we felt safe because we had a pace-bike keeping the road clear in front of us:

Conditions were lovely for riding, here we are on River road. Notice the radar has our pace running pretty high. It slowed down a bit once Tanya stopped pulling the pack. Tanya had also been out riding for a couple of hours so we relied on Stef for most of our pacing.

The Manotick leg was 58 km done at a 27.7km/hr, almost entirely zone 1 (except when Tanya had us going 70)

Got home 100.7 miles since the start of the day, and spent the afternoon doing some work outside with Anita and Kona cheering me on. They are both getting bigger by the day:

I was very pleased to get this ride in, since I have been an allergenic wreck all week and had called Anthony on Friday night to tell him I might have to bail after the first hour because I was feeling like shit. Turn out allergies only make you feel terrible, they don't seem to sap your strength as much as you think.

I'm taking today off to enjoy this taste of summer.


the original big ring said...

100.7 miles or KMs?
Stef pulled? Come'on!?! Really!?! At least those gwad-awful glasses are aerodynamic.
Happy birthday Phat Tony - nice jersey.

Peter M said...

Miles it is. Just over 162km for the day. Might try this once every couple of weeks until BC. I liked have the CL ride sandwhiched in the middle to break things up.