Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tour de Carp

Anthony and I joined the roadies Saturday morning on the first CycleLogik ride of 2008. Anthony wussed out and tried to pretend he was a roadie, decked out in clothing fit to protect against temperatures 10 degrees colder than they actually were and refusing to wear his CamelBak. In contrast, Ryan Atkins showed up on a CycleCross bike with knobbed tires and was still about the fastest guy out there. While I love my winter fixie, being out on the road bike again was a real joy.

The route was a circuitous path to Carp and back. A total of 81 km all told in a time of just over 2:20. Fast pace, but fun:

Anthony, trying to fit in:

Note that I have less clothing on my right ear than Anthony does on his entire body. You can see I've been working out:

I'll probably add this ride to my weekly regime to help prep for BC.


Golonghardman said...

Nice pace

Tobin said...

Are they going again this Sat AM? I may join you! You going again?