Monday, February 18, 2008

E-Load Sponsors BRR

The very generous folks at Medioncorp, makers of E-Load products, have generously agreed to provide sponsorship to Big Ring Racing this upcoming season. We are very excited about having them on-board. (Thanks so much for all your help Cristina!)

Medion corporation was cofounded in 2000 by Dr. Douglas W. Stoddard, a Canadian sport medicine physician and an avid mountain biker, and Sharon Ellis, formerly in sales and marketing and previously an Australian 400 m sprinter, now turned endurance runner. To this day, Sharon oversees the company as its’ President. Douglas, who still works daily as a sport medicine doctor in Toronto, formulates all of Medion's products based on his years of medical and sport medicine training, along with the experience that comes with having consulted with over 17,000 patients in his sport medicine career. Collectively, many of these patients are responsible for why we do what we do at Medion, that is, creating medically formulated products based on state of the art scientific principles. Medion’s products have proudly helped countless numbers of athletes all over the world both train harder and compete more successfully. They enjoy a solid reputation in the athlete world for, among other things, their physiological electrolyte profiles, high glycemic indices, high gastrointestinal tolerability, light flavours and low sweetness levels. Especially in the challenging hot environments of today, where many modern events take place, athletes are pushing ever harder, demanding more of themselves, and of their sport nutrition products. Not a day goes by when we aren’t re-examining something about our products and company, continuing to strive to help you get better at what you do by being better at what we do.

E-Load sports drink, E-MEND, E-Load energy gels (coming Spring '08) and Zone Caps are quality products that help you sustain your energy while performing at peak performance.

An added bonus is E-Load is a Canadian Company.

Stay tunned this season for reviews by Big Ring Racers of E-Load products.


Peter M said...

Sweet! I actually got some samples of e-load Heat Endurance and Heat Recovery from Ian at Cyclelogik for the Tucson trip. I'm a Olympic-level sweat producer so I was a bit worried about epic rides in the heat. Also, as a scientist, I was impressed with the papers I read on this stuff. Worked very well for my in Tucson, I liked the taste, felt strong on the bike, no problems with my stomach, etc. Good product and Canadian as you say. Well done.

Golonghardman said...

This is an easy one for me i've been using e-load for years now. In 24hr races i drink at least one bottle of e-load per hour or lap. The zone caps are awsome on long rides too when you have to fill up at the store you have them in your pocket and pop'em. You cant get that kind of nutrition at the corner store, and although you "may be finishing your ride soon" i'd rather stay out of deficit for better faster recovery.

Kark said...

I cheered out loud when I found out we were going to be able to count on support from eload because its the only supplement/hydration product I was going to take to the BC Bike Race regardless. I've tried enough of the others to know that the safe bet for me lies in the mild taste, low sugar levels and good results that I can count on from E-load.


Anonymous said...

E-Load is by far the best sports drink out there, and I've tried them all. Time and again it has gotten me through tough workouts and blistering races. Well done Big Ringers! With the amount of racing that I know most all of you do, you will certainly represent and do well with E-Load!