Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Big and Little Pole Racing

Went out for another skate ski to end the year, an "easy" New Year's Eve afternoon ski with Anthony. Like me, Anthony is new to the sport this year but, unlike me, does not have the benefit of 35 years of ice skating to kick start his new career. Anthony's parents didn't want him playing hockey as a youngster, not wanting him to lose the effeminate air and prancing jocularity that they hoped would be stylish when he reached maturity. Mission accomplished. We skied the doldrums, from P8 to the base of Fortune and back with Anthony making great strides in technique and speed along the way. His hat even matched his pants:

Today, I figured I would have another go at a full loop on my own. It was snowing a bit, but I reasoned that wasn't a big deal. Turns out I'm an idiot. Skate skiing on ungroomed trails with your tips below the powder is really quite remarkably tiring. I did manage a full loop, but it took me 2:10, more than 40 minutes more than my loop last week, using 50% more energy according to my Polar. I spent 45 minutes without seeing another soul at one point. That's because everyone else is smarter than me and was off at the pub, which is where I was thinking I should have been. I was pleased not to have stopped other than to drink, but the effort was more than I'm ready for at this point. Now, I'm reasoning that conditions will be better (eg groomed trails!) at the Keskinada, and that I can only get better, so after this upcoming weekend attempting a 36km Gamelin-to-Gamelin loop, I think I'll sign up for the race. What's the worst that can happen?

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the original big ring said...

Peter, you should borrow Anthony's pants . . . . then you'd have a complete spidey outfit!