Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spin spin spin

Some blurry action shots of tonight's spin class at the RA Centre with Gilles leading us. Nice to see four other BRR team members out.

Despite what most feel towards riding the spin bike, I actually don't mind it. I'm looking forward to some structured training over the winter. In my experience, it's the only way I make gains in speed, endurance, strength and power.


fritZman said...

You guys need to join the Tuesday night Limerick rides (7PM start).

Conditions weren't as fast last night compared to the previous week, but we still got in a solid 90 minutes (HUGE amounts of steam coming off of us).

Peter had a couple of nice wipe-outs to keep us entertained.

The next month or two should really start to get good once temps drop below freezing.

See you next week. ;-)

The Vegan Vagabond said...

oooh that sounds fun. If I can't get into the spinning as a drop in, maybe I'll come to Limerick!

Golonghardman said...

Where/what is Limerick?
Spinning is an awsome way to get into and stay in shape. Its social, and can actually be fun. I'll try for some drop in sessions too. I've also got a decent fluid trainer set up in the basement so between those,skiing,snowshoerunning,some weights,yoga,and kettlebell (just ordered one through Tobin), i should uhhh be fairly sore come springtime