Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Vegan Vagabond is back on the air...brace yourself!

Hi there! I'm not so new to blogging. In fact, like (The Original) Big Ring, I can't seem to shut up when in cyberspace...

Speaking of Big Ring, that reminds me. Kari, you can find Craig's rectangles here, here, here and here! One of those is actually Lenny's rectangle but I just wanted to be thorough.

All you need to know about me, is that like the rest of the team, I also love to ride. Probably too much. I can't seem to get off my bike seat long enough to get anything else done. Oh well, if it lets me hang out with the likes of these guys, than who am I to complain?

Anyway thanks to Craig & Mark for getting us all together. We're going to have a lot of fun with this. Go Big Ring Racing!

Oh I almost forgot, I want to congratulate Peter on the new pipes he's acquired since being at the gym the past three week. When I saw him recently, they were bursting through his shirt sleeves. It was truly impressive. (Craig: mandatory steriod testing for team members?)


the original big ring said...

Urine testing is a requirement . . . everyone must be able to spell their name (legibly) in the snow.

Peter M said...

Hey, I think Tanya is hitting on me! This is very awkward. We're going to need some team protocol to deal with these situations.

Oh and it's FOUR weeks now. I'm huge. Scale says I'm about to crack 140 lbs. That's a full 1/4 pound of additional, pure muscle.