Sunday, October 28, 2007

FUN, Fun, fun!

Well I gues it's time to post a little something about this skinny guy on the team (sorry Craig, not you!).

I also love to ride! I like all kinds of riding but I prefer to mountain bike. I do some road stuff on my el cheapo road ride but I only do it to make me a better mtber or because the trails are wet or to get from A to B! I've been riding for about 4 years now and I seem to get more passionate about it as time goes by. I guess it's not just a passing thing! I'm hoping to ride for a long looooong time, I'm already old (as some seem to remind me, right Tanya?) but maybe this will keep me young?? My favorite kind of riding is technical singletrack but it doesn't seem to love me back! :-o

I've never been a fitness buff.., I used to golf a lot and if there was a cart involved I was all over that like a fly on chit! Golf was really just an excuse to get out with the boys for a few pops. I used to play 100 rounds/year. This year I golfed once and that was in an office tournament. So where did I spend all my time..?

Like the rest of the team I ride for fun!! To me the fitness benefits that come from riding are just a bonus... not to mention all of those sexah scars that I am accumulating!

Just like Kari this is my first ever blog attempt, that's kind of sad really since I am employed as a computer geek.

As for the rectangles I've been trying to use this photoshop product but after creating the rectangle all that is left is my eyebrows..? Is that how this is supposed to work?



The Vegan Vagabond said...

Lenny, you're not so much old as you are well-aged; like a fine, vintage wine...

...about to become vinegar!

just kidding Lenny ;)

Peter said...

I thought I was the skinny old guy! Jebus this is a competitive bunch. First Tanya out-rides, out-Truros, and out-vegans me, then Lenny out-olds, out-rides, and out-skinnies me.

I speak Indonesian far more fluently than any of you. Beat that.

I appreciate Gilles spreading the word on my rippedness though.

Rectangles pending.