Friday, October 26, 2007

fritZman introduction

As one of the new BRR teammates I thought I'd get the ball rolling and start blogging.

So here's ten things you probably never knew but always wondered about the fritZman

  1. Real name is Francois.
  2. I'm always trying to improve my ride so bikes/setup typically change frequently

  3. I'm not an exhibitionist, nor do I like to use blog sites to satisfy my fetishes

  4. I emphasize the 'Z' in fritZman to pay homage to my 2 seater family car - a Nissan 350Z

  5. I like to think that you can force any car to be practical once you rig a 2" receiver (and ultimately a bike rack) to its bumper

  6. I like to race/push the limit of vehicles, be it racing my car (two time Ottawa champion and 3rd at Cdn Nationals) or my bike (which is often more scary than racing cars).

  7. My current bike setup is a 29er aluminum hardtail with 4" fork and 1x9 drivetrain

  8. Some say (when they're really drunk) that I (kind of) look like Vin Diesel

  9. I'm not as wealthy, nor am I as good of an actor as Vin Diesel (if that's saying much)

  10. However, I like to think I'm just as handsome and muscular as Vin Diesel and that's what chicks dig most eh?

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Anonymous said...

you're a legend in your own mind