Friday, October 26, 2007

Blog attempt!

Ok, here is me trying to blog. So, what do I say, uh... Well, I got a haircut today because I can't let Fritz be the only handsome one. I also went to the gym because I hear Peter is getting buffed! So about me:

  • I ride for fun, I race for fun and I always have fun doing it!
  • I broke my femur (down Penguin) on "Friday the 13th" (Aug. 2004)!
  • After 9 weeks, I was pedalling again (some sort of record according to my surgeon).
  • When Damon Allen played for Ottawa, I was mistaken for him often.

As you can see, I am much better looking.

One thing Damon and I have in common is we are the same age - 43- and we still think we can play.

One day I saw Damon at the Vancouver airport, and he stared at me for a long time as I walked by. He must have been thinking, "that must that Gilles dude people keep mistaking me for"!

I drive a station wagon big enough to carry the entire BRR team! Her name is Gretchen!

Here is an interesting fact about the men in my family and life threating injuries:
  • my grandfather was shot in WWII and fell down a cliff and lived to tell about it;
  • my dad was hit by a javelin in the head (yes! it stuck there!) while officiating a track meet and lived to tell about it;
  • my older brother had a head-to-hed collision with a car... he was on a motorcycle! The car was a write-off and so was the bike and you guessed it, he lived to tell about it;
  • my femur - also considered life-threating and I'm still round.
Ok, I've said enough.



Anonymous said...

if you ask me, both you and Fritz are ugly . . . . butt ugly.

Papa G said...

Depends whose butt you're talking about... because mine is really nice!