Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eurotrip Day 6

So Day 6 I leave the Lakes area and head east toward Stelvio.  My plan was to jump a ferry from Lecco to Colico knocking off around 45km and enjoy my last little taste of the rich and famous lifestyle.      Or the nearest approximation to "rich n' famous" I could make given I was travelling with 2 pair of socks and 1 pair of underwear.  ..but they're wool so it's cool.

anyhoo.  Best laid plans of mice and men, and it turns out that I couldn't get a ferry from Lecco. So I rode to Bellagio and the only ferry that goes to Colico doesn't take bikes so I'm crossing from Bellagio straight across to Varenna and riding up the lake.  Which was really fortunate because it was stunning.  My third day riding around  this lake and I'm still rendered slack jawed at the beauty.  Riding through gallerias, cruising along enjoying it all. It was bliss.
Colico came too soon.

Because from Colico to Tirano was frankly unremarkable.  The road itself was boring like trainer miles.  Dead straight road. Baking hot sun uninspired vistas and false flats.    ..it's probably half nice but I've been spoiled rotten by this point and it seemed pretty bleh to me.  I was however, on the SS38 del Stelvio, and that was cool since this was a Stelvio inspired trip.  I stopped for lunch no.2 in Sondrio and considered stopping for the night there but decided to carry on to Tirano. Again, very good fortune.  Tirano is a lovely little town.  Only a few km from the Swiss border and is also the southern terminus of the Rhaetian railway Bernina express to St Moritz.

Rolling into Tirano I did the by now usual rudderless routine of aimlessly riding around for a bit until I found a hotel.  There was some sketchyness on account of there being a bunch of tour buses in town and the first couple hotels were full but I was directed to the Hotel Stelvio where I got a room for only 39 euro!   The room was tiny.  I mean, cottage loft where only the wee kids sleep tiny.   But for 39 bones it was a steal.

The numbers for this day are pretty light in keeping with the intended recovery of the knee.  Distance 111km with 1270 meters vertical.
A good set up for tomorrow!

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