Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Hey Everyone!

I'll be doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer on June 12-13 on a team of medical physicists (who do both cancer research and treatment) from the Princess Margaret Hospital. The ride consists of 100 miles (a century) each day with the funds raised for Cancer Research.

I was inspired to do this ride as I've watched a number of people around me struggling with cancer, and because I have friends directly involved in cancer research and treatment.

To help raise funds, I'm taking this Wednesday off and riding laps of my campus at work. I'm planning to ride for 12 consecutive hours in an attempt to cover 250km which would be a new personal best for me. I also expect that by the 25th lap that I will be close to setting a new record for tedium, possibly surpassing that time I went camping with a bunch of accountants and marketing folks.

This is my Donation Page and here is the route for Wednesday's ride. Another 10 people at work have agreed to join me for part of Wednesday's ride with the hope of matching the number of kilometers I put in, giving us a total of 500kms.

I appreciate any support anyone can give. A post-event report will be posted on the Big Ring Racing blog.



Kark said...

wow! Bravo Peter!
That piles of miles indeed. I may be able to join you for a lap or two on Wednesday also. If timing works I might even be able to lead you out on your sprint finish!

Peter M said...

Wish you could join me! Alas my work is off limits to all you non "need to know" folks...