Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 4 - Asheville NC annual MTB road trip #4

Day 4 was a "recovery ride" day.
so we pointed our bikes up a mountain and rode for views and vistas.  Surprisingly the legs felt pretty good.  ..until they didn't.
Par for the course I suppose.
The trail was exceptionally beautiful.  Smiles make themselves when you're spending time in this landscape.
Laurel mnt trail was a nice even grade incline for the most part.
Nevertheless, a lot of elevation was gained.
So, celebrations were in order, as the ayatollah of Rok'n'Rolla says.  At this point the awesomeness was almost blinding!

At the top where  Laurel mntn connector and Pilot Rock meet we mulled over whether to lurch and bounce our way down Pilot or bomb back on Laurel.
Laurel won handily and didn't disappoint.  no pics due to the incredible speeds (you could actually hear the air being torn!) and suspect skill set of the photographer.

As much fun as Laurel is to climb it's even more fun to bomb down and capped off the riding portion of the trip in great form.  No injuries or mechanicals and only one dismount by yours truly who managed to find the only running water to hammer his arse into thereby turning a capable pair of riding shorts into a sodden dirty diaper. yay. And just in time to get back into the car.    I was kinda pissed but it gave Craig such pleasure that I ended up laughing with him me.

Of course the day doesn't end there. no.  It's Eatin' time!!  a quick change then off to Asheville Pizza and Brewery for a few thousand calories of happy then bed.
Tomorrow a date with Industry Nine!

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