Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winnie the poo day two.

The plans for this coming Friday were to do another Gats loop as per my last post.  ..a "gettem' while you can" kinda thing, but I'm thinking now maybe I'll do it a bit different.
I read up on the Tall Trees Rides Double Cross thingy that went down this past Sunday and while I was a bit envious, I was making a totally bitchin' Thomas the Train three level track system (!!) with the wee man so it was a day very well spent.   I don't have a cross bike anyway, and am slow as shit these days, haven't been getting out much and feel I need to hammer when I do, which I can't cause my fitness isn't there, and consequently don't pace myself and flame out too soon, so it's probably just as well I was otherwise engaged.
That said, a good chunk of that route I still consider as 'old stompin' grounds for me so while I was happy where I was, a part of me longed for the easy chat it up social ride that that route lends itself to as I've only done that loop once this season.  once.   Those aren't that isn't good numbers ..   That speaks volumes about my season.  One Wakefield loop.  :shakes head:  oh well, never too early & never too late to start riding.

so, this Friday I'm thinking me and meine kleine Klein are going to do the Wakefield Phillipe loop for what might be one last time this season.  ..maybe there'll be more opportunities (perhaps even Sat or Sun?)  but I'm not about to count on it and let this one get away.  I'm figuring on a solo affair (must remember the ipod) as its pretty long odds that anyone will be up for playing hooky to go for a 3.5hr ride in 2 degrees and rain weather**.  That said, if any of you Big Ringers, known, or unknown associates are itchin for some chilly wet pedal turns to earn Friday evening beers, i'll be launching from the O'Brien lot sometime around 10:00am.  Bring warm footwear. (I'm reminding myself here)
seriously, if anyone wants to join, drop me a line.

** It's typically a couple degrees cooler in the park.  so, 2 degrees and rain.  that's one bad crash or mechanical away from hypothermia.  Thats why I'll be chuffin along slow like.  ..nothing to do with fitness.  No sir.


the original big ring said...

WIsh I could go.
Pack a pack with loads of shit just in case you need it. No use dying out there . . . and I'm sure the groomer wouldn't want to be hauling back your carcass on the back of the machine after the first snowfall.

Kark said...

no worries, I'm just being dramatic.
"artistic license" if you will. ..of course I'll go in prepared, but revised forecast is for 6 deg in Ottawa, so figure 4ish in the parc. No biggie.

realistic worst case is misery. pfft. ..whatever. do yer worst.
I'll be queueing up Tom Waits on the ipod so if it is horrible I'll have a fitting musical score for it.