Sunday, September 13, 2009

$100 Bike Challenge - Part 4: Paint job complete.

The painting of the frame is now done and I'm pretty happy with it. The final step, the clear coat, was the trickiest I thought. Few lessons I learned:
- Prep work is the key
- Never, ever touch clear coat before it dries
- Little mistakes can easily be fixed with low grit wet sandpaper
- Patience - don't rush it

I am allowing the clear coat to fully cure and won't build the bike until next Saturday. Hopefully for my next post, you will see the complete build. Here are some pics of the finished paint job.


Anonymous said...

keep it coming...
I have to build the gf a cheap ride so she can get to/from work
(I broke her other bike)

Papa G said...

Build is almost complete. I had some issues with the BB and rear wheel. Can't buy new ones - have to stay within budget. So, I have to be creative. Pics coming soon.

Golonghardman said...

Nice work,is it me or does your excellent frame work stand out really well against that great looking deck?

Papa G said...

It does! It hightlights the frame very well!