Monday, June 8, 2009

SMH, finally!!

I finally got out to SMH on Saturday, where Lenny took me and my neighbour, Yves, for a tour of the highlands. I had not ridden SMH since the summer of 2007. It seemed that every time I wanted to go last year it was raining and I did not want to cause any damage to the Mamasita. Lenny took us on Outer thigh, Pete's Wicket, Outback and Ridge to name a few.

Lenny and Yves, all smiles as we start the ride

Lenny showing his hucking skills!

Powering up a rock face...

Guess who we ran into on the top of Rib Cage? T-Bone! She was schooling some young punks on the finer points of technical riding. Speaking of Rib Gage, Yves rode up it (yes, up!) on in first try - like buttah! Dude got some power! The only other person I ever heard of who made it up Rib Gage on the first try is this guy. (forgive me if your eyes hurt, I could have picked a worst pic)

T-Bone hamming it up!

After concurring Rib Cage, Yves showed us how to endo and still
keep the rubber to the ground, and that was not his last demo!

Lenny got a flat as we were hauling ass back to the car for post ride refreshments...

...and the post-ride refreshments were tasty and refreshing!!!

Great ride boys! Thanks Lenny for showing us around and bringing the wobbly pop!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Lenny never brings me beer!

Sounds like a fun ride.

Anonymous said...

once every couple of years will really improve your technical skills

Ray said...

Where is rib cage?

King said...

Near the middle of outback. Just a rock climb that has a "ribbed" surface. A lot of people ride around it.

Golonghardman said...

could u guys start using that photo of me at the body building contest surounded by scantily clad women applying the lotion? I'm sure others would like it too