Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moab Day 3

Well, I was feeling pretty out of it but the violent stomach illness has been over for 24 hours so I'm riding.

I figure I drank 500ml of water in the last 24 hours living in the desert, what could go wrong.

The boys were tired from yesterday so we started pretty small and rode a trail called Sovereign.
Fun desert riding, some of it fairly technical, especially if you are moving quickly.

Crazy rock jumbles

Calvin just before we got hit by a mini-dust devil, good fun.

You can see forever in the dessert.

Our condo this year was gorgeous, a lot nicer than any of our houses. It was right in town so we could walk to the services and the views were great:

Poison Spider Mesa on one
side of the condo.

Slickrock area straight out the front door.

And to top it all off, the town sanctioned dirt jumps were 100 feet from our front door. Just in case you had any energy left at the end of the day you could hit a few jumps or race the BMX track. Best location ever.

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