Monday, April 27, 2009

Maob Day 1

Well it actually wasn't, Maob, we flew into Denver and drove to Fruita Colorado on our way to Maob. We were very nearly snowed in Denver! Can you believe it, 20 degrees in Ottawa and the highway is closed in Denver

Can you believe this shit?

ET is not happy.....

Thankfully Beezer found the solution

The real solution!

After a bit of a rough drive (it got faster when I took over) we finally made our way to Fruita Colorado. Home of the Fat Tire Festival. With a festival like that, how can you go wrong? Fruita/Garnd Junction has a number of area to ride so we choose Kokopelli Trails. We did Moore Fun and Mary's Trail, a nice combination with technical single track and great views!

Yup, its a terrible place to visit

Nasty, tricky corner, one of many you wouldn't want to miss, turns out to be a bit of a theme on this trip

Just a random shot of what the single track looks like, it's a little dry.

Day one started out looking pretty bad but perseverance and some cautious driving paid off in spades. A great start but I had no idea what was coming during night number 1 (foreshadowing?).


Anonymous said...

no sht, stay north this time of year...

just gotta check the blogs down south.

these guys down there have been getting snow on and off for the whole month of april pretty much.

They can keep that sht

Anonymous said...

Did you bring your bikes or rent? I am looking for a good place to rent in Fruita and will be watching for trail info that you can provide as we only have 3 days in Fruita before going to Moab.

Len said...

Was this a one day trip? I keep looking for more . . .


King said...

Brought our own bikes.

Not a one day trip. I'm slow.