Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Lenny Show

Friday turned out to indeed be a perfect day to ride. On the way out to Kanata Lakes we figured out that Lenny was the same age as Charlotte's father, a fact that brought out the paternal instinct in Lenny so he put on a riding clinic for his young protege. Fifteen minutes in he demonstrated some trail-building know-how, showing the proper method to pack down protruding rocks by using the "elbow slam" technique:

After that incident he put on a show of some of the more traditional skills of technical riding, which Charlotte soaked up like a sponge:

We were out for a little more than two hours and were better people for it. Charlotte's going to do some racing in this her second season of mountain biking but some pesky Bar Exams in June might eat into her ride time a bit.

The trails are in very good shape. Hope to see you all out there soon.

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