Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stupid weather

Well after doing a trial run last night with one guy using klister and the other guy using swix red/silver we bailed on the keski. Even the klister was well below average kick, combined with the course changing to an out and back on the parkway we decided it wasn't worth the $100. We'll replace it with an attempt to ski to the firetower once the snow returns.

That said it was stupid fast when you weren't heading uphill, skating should be good.


the original big ring said...

I would have bailed on it too.

let me know when you are heading to the Fire Tower - haven't been up there this year.

King said...

I looked at the results and the times looked real fast. I'll announce the Fire Tower trip but it might be short notice.

Anonymous said...

100 bucks is stupidity.
I heard that one fella cant believe what people pay for the races in ottawa.
We all need to get back to grass roots. Too many people making dough off it all.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

bummer John.
stupid weather. shoulda came biking with Lenny and I.

King said...


Damn straight I should have, I didn't see any invites though! I'm just kidding, I assume you thought I was skiing. Unfortunately this week is the wife's day shift so I can't get out to KL biking either. I'll just have to wait till Moab.


Jenn (GLHM's better half) said...

Hey GLHM worked my skis until the late hours on the friday night before the keski and surprisingly a combo of Klister binder, Klister and a little Blue extra mixed in on top made for excellent kick. True the Course change made for a boring run, but the downhill speeds were great! i previously hated klister...but it's not so bad. as long as you keep it away from your hair (as i managed not to do).

don't blame you for bailing on the cost though. i got in early with the cheaper rates so i figured why not.

King said...

If I'd already paid it would have influenced my decision. That's whay I don't pay till the last second, I pay more but's its basically insurance against the weather.

jenn said...

makes sense. i know i was stressing all week because of the weather. if they hadn't made the course change i probably would be dead now...along with a few dozen others :)