Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day CSM Training Outing With The Whole Famn Damily(not quite)

Got out for my 6th ski of the season today on Christmas Day. I think thats a personal record. I did CSM Bronze on about 140 training kms 2 years ago, thats 140kms for a 160km timed marathon. I winged it, it went well, so did Silver last year and so this year we - Coco and I - are reaching for Gold, with all these training kilometers and the time remaining until this years CSM, I'm hoping for great results. Todays ski was kind of special though as we - Jenn, Matt,myself, were out for a fun ski with the dogs for our annual Christmas day outing, and I had plans to do some *homework thats been awhile coming*.

We went to nearby Larose Forest where there's a 21km out and back groomed ski trail thats really nice for a quick ski when a drive to the Gats isn't really practical.

The weather today was fairly warm and we used a 0 to -2 red that the pine needles which were abundant in some sections rubbed off fairly quickly.

Before too long though the hard work of skiing ahead of my ski partners caused my body to heat up more than comfortable and i had to do something about it.

I told those guys to go ahead so i could layer and not have to listen to complaints about the amount of time i was taking, which is inevitable with these guys, it would be easy to catch up anyway!

After i caught up to those guys i realized i should take the opporunity to plug the great Kenda gear I've enjoyed using over the 08 biking season and draw attention to the fact that its also great for other fun sports!

I hope everyone got some great new gear in the stockings,

supporting actors
Jenn (Fiance)
Matt (Fiances brother,teammate)
Riley (Chocolate Lab)
Molly (Weinmeraner)
Ashton(Heinz 57)


Papa G said...

Man! Oh! Man! That is a nasty surprise on Christmas day!!! Guess you are still part of BRR...

the original big ring said...

well that made my christmas despite being very, very disturbing. Well done golonghardman, well done.

You're still on the team.....with only six days to spare.

Peter M said...

Your arms look very warm. Remind me never to borrow your waterbottle.

Matt Spak said...

Disturbing to watch, Yes, to film, there are no words to describe the nightmares I am having.

Golonghardman said...

Is this now the era of the NGR-V-?

LennyG said...

NGR-V?? I think not, too much jiggling!

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Totally awesome Rick.

What I want to know is why Matt did the filming and not Jenn?

Looks like Big Ring's how to NGR post was a success! Good job BR.

Jenn said...

I couldn't hold the camera still from the laughter and shock.

thankfully what you all didn't see was the take where the water bottle was swinging a little too much!