Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Ring Weekend in Pictures

Saturday - Photo shoot!

Look Golong-Hardman, I'm Tinkerbell!

out-take #1: Not sure where Coco's hand is, Golong-hardman seems to know...

Out-take #2- Dude, some laxative may help...

Final take: Zamboni, Coco, Go long-hardman, Phat Tonly, "Lenny", Dr. Peter, Vegan Vagabond, Papa -G
missing: Original Big Ring, Curvy bum, King, kari)

"Enough about Tinkerbell before I smack you Zamboni!"

Sunday - Cool Gats Ride

Got our arms twisted to go out for a ride on Sunday. While it was sunny, it wasn't exactly balmy out in the Gats. I believe the temperature was -9 celcius.

There is snow up in the Gats, it took about 30 mins for my hands to thaw. However, once I warmed up. It was great.

Yes, that is ice - a stream that has frozen over

We ran into Carolyn who was out trail running - she's a great rider too

It was a great ride despite the cold. Glad the Vagabond got us out.


the original big ring said...

Despite the constipation, looks like everyone had fun. Sorry to have missed it.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

everyone like my new zamboni glasses??

Ray said...

Tanya (Martin, not the vegan variety) and I were in the Gats Sunday. We saw your tracks, and passed by Carolyn The Trail Runner too. Must have just missed you.

Anonymous said...

bad kids!
lucky there weren't any nudies up around that area!

I'm gonna try to get out there this weekend. No mud!