Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vassago Optimus Ti

After months of delays waiting for various things to arrive (and I include little Finn here), I finally got out on my gorgeous new Vassago Optimus Ti. Today was my first ever ride on a Single Speed (not including my fixed gear commuter bike that goes 40k/day all winter), on 29 inch wheels, and first ride in 4 years on a hard tail.

I'm sold. It was awesome. I can't say enough about this bike. I cleared things on Ridgetop that I often struggle with even on my FS bike that fits me like a glove and that I have ridden on for four seasons. Corners I normally brake on I railed without slowing. And it's not even set up quite right yet. The headset is messed up, not sure about the stem length or stack height, the rear brakes are squishy, there rear wheel isn't true (though it is truly oblong).

This bike rocks. And it's gorgeous. Check out the headbadge on the front. Even my dog Kona stared at it in awe. I think she particularly likes the laser etching.

I've read about this bike and tried to absorb all the technical details, but really I find that sort of thing uninteresting without context. I like to ride and see how something performs. Now I'm going to go back and re-read everything I ignored before because I now have reason to believe it might just be true.


the original big ring said...

Told you so!

fritZman said...

Nice rig. I dig the headbadge as well.

Remember, 29ers work better with lower pressure. Try 5psi less than your typical 26" pressure.

I forget how much Gilles ended up knocking off, but I was able to run almost 10 psi less on a tubed 29er.


Papa G said...

Sweet! Yet another two-niner convert!!
We need to see more pics of your rig.

In response to Fritz comment, I ride with 30psi or lower. I've gone as low as 24 with no issues.

What kind of wheels/hubs are you on?

goooooood girl said...
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Anonymous said...

Love Ti.
Hate squishies.
Ti just feels fine between the legs.

Anonymous said...

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