Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the End of the Season. So what's next ?

It's the end of the season and time to take a break from cycling both physically and mentally. It's time for a well deserved rest from the pressures and demands of training and racing. This is your reward for a great season. Relax, go for a fun ride, do something crazy ( something routine I'm sure for a Big Ring racer ), have an extra beer or serving of fries ( or maybe that's a Big Ring racer's normal diet ?*?* ). This is your down time.

It's a time to reflect on the past season.
  • Were my expectations and goals achieved ?
  • Why did things go well in one race or not as well as I had hoped in another race?
  • What did I do right ?
  • What can I do to change my training to improve my performance?
  • What are my strengths and what are my weaknesses ?
  • Do I need to work on improving my flexibility ? Those darn hamstrings sure are tight. Maybe I could add a yoga class to my routine.
  • Is my core weak ? Maybe I should add a core strengthening program to my work out or join a pilates class ? Those arms and back muscles sure got tired on those 24 hour races. Maybe I need to add a weight routine to my program ?
  • Did those extra pounds slow me down on those big long hills ? ( you know who you are !) Maybe I shouldn't have had that extra beer and fries all season long *?*?
  • Did I have a nagging injury that needs a rest and needs to be addressed ?
  • Was I uncomfortable on my bike ?
  • Was knee, back or neck pain with me on those rides ?
  • Was I as efficient as I could be on my bike? Maybe it is time to have a closer look at my position on my bike.
  • What can I change to better achieve my cycling goals ?

What are my cycling goals for next season ?
  • Is it the Sunset series or the BC bike race ?
  • What will the race schedule be for next season ?
  • Will it be technical or non- technical ?
So after you've had that well deserved holiday (not too long to avoid losing all of last year's fitness -some might say 2-4 weeks max). It's time to develop a detailed training plan to help you achieve your goals for next season. You may make your own plan (especially if successful last season) or it may be with the help of a coach/trainer.

The off season is a time to maintain your fitness, work on different muscle groups, build on past successes and work on the missing links. Some people may put their bikes away for the season and simply cross train. Cross country skiing is an excellent way to maintain and build your cardiovascular fitness. Some may choose to hop on their trainers or join a spinning class. Maybe it will be Gille's most excellent spin and core classes at the RA centre. Or maybe I'll have fun on the packed snowy trails of Kanata Lakes. As next season nears; build up your training gradually. It won't be long till you're right back in to the thick of full out training and race season.

So here's to a fun winter off season and a rewarding season next year.


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Anonymous said...

cool! thanks Mary

some good things to think about

King said...

I think I will be revisiting this post a few times to make sure I head down the correct path this winter.