Thursday, October 9, 2008

Glorious Kingdom Weekend

I'll make this a quick and dirty post. We headed down to Kingdom, Vermont for the fall riding on their primo single track. I headed down with Zamboni, Hannah and Dr. Kim and joined the rest of the crew - Big Ring, Lenny and the Vagabond in VT.

Zamboni with Big Ring guests Hannah and Dr. Kim

While our condo was very spacious, there were only 2 bedrooms.
It was 4 dudes sharing a room with bunk beds! Dr. Kim impressed
us with some atomic bombs. The dude has serious gas!!

Big Ring liked the sensation of peeing on an electric fence!

Hannah, Zamboni, Lenny, Dr. Kim, the Vagabond, Big Ring

On Sunday, Big Ring, Lenny and the Vagabond headed to Waterbury to ride some trails Big Ring had heard about. You can read about it here.

Hannah riding up Mansion View (mansion in background...)

It was real puuurty with all the colourful foliage!!

Papa G, Dr. Kim, Zamboni & Hannah at Heaven's Bench

On Sunday we ran into a really cool chick named Lauren from
New Hampshire (live free or die!); we loved her socks so we asked her to join us!

We had a great time and folks down in Burke are always so nice to mountain bikers. We'll be going back again for sure - maybe even for some skiing...


the original big ring said...

Stef - nice jacket. Almost as nice as the photos! Whoot!

Good times!

I remember seeing that chick riding on Saturday - she had similar socks on then too. We got to get some team socks like that!

Anonymous said...

Ever piss on an electric fence while hanging onto it.
Happened to me during my teenage years (party time is hear again!).
Huge house party on Conroy. Went to the back of the house with a beer in one hand and peeker in other. Flapped down the drawers to take a piss. While doing so, I touched the god damn fence.
Flat on my ass!
I was so bloody drunk I thought the beers kicked in (those days we did funnels and shooters etc...).
Only to realize the next day that I was pissing on an electrical fence.
(ah the good ol' days of being a teenager, how I miss those carefree days!)